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Magazine Review
Planet Goa Dec 2012
Jazz in the City November 2012
Planet Goa Summer Special 2011
Planet Goa - 28th Feb 2011
Planet Goa - February 2011
Germany - magazine - January 2011
Planet Goa - January 2011
Planet Goa - December
Planet Goa
Planet Goa
Business Goa
Daiji world - 23rd July 2010
Planet - goa - July 2010
Fantasy Magazine - July 2010
Find All - April 2010
Goa Today - March 2010
See Goa
New Global Indian 12th March 2009
Overdrive Magazine - August 2009
Blender magazine August 2009 Issue
Newspaper Review
Mermaid Garden
Rain or Shine Konkani Rocks 19th August 2012
The Konkani Rocks Revolution 20th August 2011
Konkani Rocks in Europe
Liberate your spirit - 24th April 2011
Jazz for Goa
Armando Gonsalves Honoured for Promoting Konkani.
Liberate your spirit
Konkani Rocks Goa! Celebrating Lorna and more..........
Rain or shine Konkani Rocks
Gomantak Times - 4th June 2010
Bringing joy to the silver generation
Goa forgiveing website articles.and newspapercuttings
Art Workshop
Gypsy Groove
Women's Day Special
Barbara Carlotti Quartet
The Festival of the Spirit
Indo - Canadian Jazz Melange
Gypsy Jazz
South Africa Calling...
Something Relevant
Sharik Hasan Trio
The Sigrun Jording Quartet
Jazz Nirvana
Konkani Rocks!
Brazillian Jazz Quintet Pedro Moraes
Honor Heffernan Quartet
Jazz for Peace
A Different Spain: Jazz, Folk & World Music
The Oliver Rajamani Quintet
Jazz for Football
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