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Trancemedia (the owners of Heritage Jazz) has always been the hobby company of Armando Gonsalves, and it has been in the forefront of some amazingly creative things. Having been formed with the idea of sending people into a creative trance whilst dealing with media, arts and culture, it was Carnival 1988 when it first came into being.


With the Carnival having been brought to an abrupt halt due to the controversy it raised and subsequent thumbs down from the Church of Goa due to the commercialization of the festivities, Trancemedia came out with a revolutionary concept of the “Junk Car Rally” which brought families and friends out into the streets in gay merriment, and most importantly, without any sponsorship from corporates. Since the whole show was miniaturized from big and grand floats into a small car or even a bike for that matter, Carnival was taken back to the purity and gaiety of the past, something that everyone enjoyed to the fullest.


Along with this, Trancemedia came out with the first colour pages that Goa has seen, with the Italia 1990 football supplements that were done with the Navhind Times. This was truly path breaking since the full gloss papers were printed in Bombay at the Conway Printing Press. Advertisements were collected from the Bombay market as well as from the rest of the country, and the design of the pages was done in Bombay too.


Being a hobby company, it was the conduit that Armando required to take his creative inputs to the world. Since property investments were the mainstay of his business, Armando did all these creative things on the sidelines and he has this to say:


“If not for the creative work that I have been involved with, life would have been a complete bore, and it would have been very difficult for me to have survived that boredom”


Through all this churning, Trancemedia came out with another path breaking concept when it lit up the city of Panjim along with Primeslots in the year 2003. The show stunned all, and people from across the world were delighted to such an extent that many of them wrote back saying that Panjim was the most beautiful city during Christmas 2003.


With such fervor and so many highs, a quiet revolution was underway under the colossal name of Heritage Jazz. Starting off as quiet verandah shows in the now famed Gonsalves Mansion which is known as the Home of Jazz in India, Heritage Jazz united the three most important aspects of Goan life i.e. the home, music and heritage, all under one roof. Musicians from across the world have performed at these shows, and these include world class performers from the United States of America, England, Germany, Canada, Brazil, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain and so many other countries from across the globe.


Trancemedia has actually got down to bringing excitement to the Goan heart and spirit. It has done things that few others have done. Whenever there is a path-breaking concept around, it is almost surely the doing of the company that is known to send people into a trance, TRANCEMEDIA

   The Junk Car Rally                                                                            Panjim Ablaze

The Junk Car Rally, The Fist Colour Pages of Goa, Panjim Ablaze, Heritage Jazz, Fusion for Peace, Jazz for Peace…..the list goes one. Can we safely say that Trancemedia is a company of Firsts, Firsts and more Firsts?

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