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While all the adults flock into the Gonsalves Mansion to enjoy elegant jazz evenings, sipping on beer, some gorgeous dinner and friendly banter, watching dreamy eyed as the various artists set the stage on fire, Heritage Jazz hasn’t forgotten the little ones.

The best vibrations, the only true source of innocence and that raw energy comes from the young ones. They are dreamers, thinkers and believers of the purest kind and in their world, nothing is impossible.

We love kids!!! They are our inspiration, fount of wonder and always keep us smiling.

We try as often as we can to organize interesting, innovative, fun filled workshops for students in various schools and colleges across the state. These are the dreamers and achievers that will shape our tomorrows and if we can do our bit, in whatever small way, to motivate, excite and inspire them to dream big and achieve the impossible, just imagine the miracles that can happen.

We love visiting our educational institutions, big and small with the various bands and artists that grace our stage and presenting the children with wonderful interactive musical gatherings. These workshops are filled with musical tips, dancing and other practical sessions.

For a glimpse of that high energy packed excitement and some musical fun check out our Past Workshops section.

Schools who are interested in giving their students a sound understanding of music, a wonderful learning experience that will ensure a full-bodied, rounded education can get in touch with us through this website; email us more about yourself, your queries, needs and ideas and together we can make a big difference to the children. We would also appreciate it if music teachers got in touch with us with their profiles and ideas so we could collaborate and work towards the promotion of music across the state.

We also hope to be associated with companies that cater to children’s needs so as to enhance these workshops with useful prizes and giveaways as an incentive. We would also need support in order to look after the requirements of the musicians. Companies who believe in this vision and are ready to go beyond business and do that little extra, do get in touch with us and lets motivate and inspire these young minds.

You can email us at heritagejazzindia@gmail.com/ armando@heritagejazz.com

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